lunes, agosto 27, 2007

The killers

But my heart,
it dont beat,
it dont beat the way it used to.
And my eyes,
they dont see you no more.
And my lips,
they dont kiss,
they dont kiss the way they used to,
and my eyes dont recognize you no more.

sábado, agosto 25, 2007

Billy Wilder about Audrey Hepburn:

"What is needed to become a real star is an extra element that God can give you or not. You are already born with it. You can't learn it. God kissed the face of Audrey Hepburn, and there she was."

martes, agosto 21, 2007

Rex The Dog

Se dice, se comenta que el perro la partió en el amanecer del Creamfields.

Beastie Boys forava'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lunes, agosto 20, 2007

Our time is running out

You will be the death of me
Yeah, you will be the death of me

Bury it
I won't let you bury it
I won't let you smother it
I won't let you murder it

Our time is running out
Our time is running out
You can't push it underground
You can't stop it screaming out

viernes, agosto 17, 2007

LO QUE HAY QUE SABER (by Charles Bukowski)

Van Gogh se cortó una oreja
y se la dio a una
que la tiró
Van, las putas no quieren
Supongo que es la razón
por la que fuiste un pintor
tan grande.
No entendías
muchas cosas